Saturday, October 29, 2011

OXY Skin Care

I was offered a chance to review Oxy Skin Care Clinical Line. So I said "sure." So when I received the little samples in the mail to try I had just been under a lot of stress and was not eating well, so I had a bad brake out. I tried it right away. I was pretty amazed that it really worked. It was so much smaller with in hours. Plus it was gone the next morning. I was really glad. Only thing I was not impressed with was how it felt after washing. It left my face feeling sticky like a medicated mess. It also made my make up feel uneven. So I hope the change it just a little so that your face feels like silk after or something other then a sticky mess. But I would TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS! It honestly does not feel sticky that long. Its just me being picky. Thank you to Oxy Skin Care for allowing me the chance to review their product. It truly does help clear up acne.

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