Saturday, October 15, 2011

Muhammad's Wives by Aliya Anjum


This is a short account of the wives of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. It is meant to shed light on the individual personalities of his eleven wives and Muhammad's relationship with them. The book discusses Ayesha the infamous child-bride with profound new insight. This book is a must read to learn about the true nature of Muhammad as a husband-which is the road map for all Muslim men.

My Thoughts

 There is no debate that Muhammad had eleven wives, it's written in all the history books Aliya Anjum does a great job in giving a great account if each wife. Along with being able to describe how the the actions of Muhammad help shape how the modern Muslim man is suppose to act today according to their faith

Anjum also puts on the record the theory that Muhammad took a underage wife (Ayesha) at the age of six and then when she was the age nine took her and consummated the marriage. That being said Anjum believes in her opinion that Ayesha was more like 18 when she started living with Muhammad. She Also supports this opionion with some known facts.

I am some what of a history buff and like to read about historical facts, which Anjum did a great job of recounting the facts. I for one like to read about those facts in more of a story fashion, where Muhammad's Wives  is written in the list fashion. This is a personal preference and in no way does it reflect the writing of this book. If you are a history buff, then you might want to look at Muhammad's wives.


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