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Linda Hawley, Author of Dreams Unleashed.


I Had the great opportunity to  review  Linda Hawley's  first book   of The Prophecies Trilogy Dreams Unleashed. May I take the time now to thank Linda for her time and for writing such a amazing novel!

Author Bio:

"If I were going to clone myself as a writer, I would concoct a cloning recipe which would contain the following ingredients:
Lots of varied life experience, to give enough flavor
World travel experience, for color
Passion, for spice
A few crazy relationships, to create perspective
One or two quirks, to add a little crunch
Deep love, to introduce spirit
Curiosity, to add a little danger
A touch of paranoia, to interject alternate realities
Lots of knowledge about current events, for texture
Pride and humility, to bring human characteristics
A touch of insanity, for interest

These characteristics have made their way into the pages that you read. My head is filled with stories, and The Prophecies trilogy is only the first that's on paper. Writing it has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Many of the subplots and undertones of the trilogy came from my own life experiences.
I could tell you all about my higher education, my freelance writing experience, and a bunch of other pr
pofessional qualifications, but do you (the reader) really care about that? My guess is that you care more that I write compelling novels that take you into a new world, if only for a while.
Thank you for reading my stories."
 - Linda Hawley


Dreams Unleashed Synopsis:
It’s the near-future year of 2015, where technology governs life. In this dystopian world, governments control their citizens by tracking them with RFID. The right to personal privacy does not exist. The heroine, Ann Torgeson, having been trained by the CIA as a paranormal spy at nineteen years old, has enhanced abilities. Twenty-five years later, she lives a double life: first, as a technical writer for a tidal energy company in the Pacific Northwest, and second, as a member of the worldwide anti-government subversive organization, called GOG. When Ann’s vivid dreams turn real, she questions whether the doorway between her subconscious and reality has been permanently altered. When she starts to dig into her past, her present begins to unravel, leading the reader through events that twist and turn everything upside down. Question everything you know is essential in this trilogy.

 My thoughts.

Dreams Unleashed is a edge of your seat  Dystopian thriller! Ann Torgeson  has all the attributes that I wish that I had as a single 30 something female!

Hawley, did a great job with Dreams Unleashed main character Ann Torgeson. Ann is a successful , bright, independent woman in her 40's that knows what she wants and will go after it.  Ann works for the company  
AlterHydro. writing instructional manuals. But little do we all know that Ann has a past and there is more to her than the eye can see. 

I really did fall in love with the character of Ann, As I did with all of the key characters of Dreams Unleashed. I just love that fact that Hawley made sure that it the a clean language, no sex  novel. I had read somewhere Linda had  did that so her young daughters could read the trilogy if they wanted. I give my hat off to her for that, because there are many times when I reading  "Why in the heck did the have to use the Fword or OK why couldn't they say that they just made love and leave it at that ."  Because many times some of the words or scenes in the book, in my opinion  does not lend anything to the plot of the story. So I applauded Linda Hawley for omitting those type of scenarios and still giving her readers a AWESOME, INTUITIVE, RIVETING on the edge of you seat novel.

I would recommend Dreams unleashed to any reader from 12 to 100 and the only reason that I would not recommend it for a younger reader is because I feel that the might see it as hard to follow or comprehend and maybe a little scary as the over all  concept of the novel is Big Brother (the government) is tracking every one of your movements. I for one can't wait for book 2 of The Prophecies Trilogy to come out in late summer.

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