Monday, October 31, 2011

Judy Moody Party Part 2

As some of you have read, I have been planning a Judy Moody Party for my kids and a few friends to view the NEW Judy Moody Not So Bummer Summer Movie. We have had a few things happen, that we have had to change the day of the party a few times. So I gave in yesterday, and let my boys watch the movie. Well I really let them watch it back to back. They were so excited about it and really loved it, so whats a mom to do? My 6 year old son, is already planning on what he will do next summer! Next summer is still over 6 months away! So this movie has inspired him on doing a lot of things, that he is very scared to do. So we shall see if he does try and concur them. I can tell you when I started watching the movie, I had two things go threw my head. 1. Thank Goodness I do NOT have a girl! 2. Man, can I brush her hair? That hair was making me nuts! I can not stand looking a little girls with hair in a big rats nest. So for me that was a little hard. Maybe that was the hair dresser in me. But once I was able to not think about her hair, I was really glad to watch the movie with the boys. I got a good giggle. It took my mind off of the things that have been going on the last two weeks. Anything that could go wrong has. So this was just a great movie. I was very glad that the boys liked it. I was even more Amazed that my 3 year old who said "mommy is that a girl movie?" with a nasty look on his face. LOVED it, he was the first one to ask to watch it again, and he asked when I picked him up from the people who took care of him yesterday if he could watch it when he got home. So I am giving this movie 5 thumbs up. Now I wish we would have read the books. We just might since we have book 5 and another odd man out.

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