Monday, October 10, 2011


So a few weeks back I received 2 Cakedy Bars, to review. I put them in the fridge, since they arrived and that't what the label said to do. I did get to try one  with in a hour or two. I tried the Peanutter. It was not bad! I was pretty impressed. It was not quite was I was expecting, but it like a cake type of candy bar. Just like what they say they are. They are more of a whipped cake, with whatever flavor they are. Like the Peanutter is a cake but whipped with peanut butter. Which my family LOVES. I liked what I was eating, and didn't want to share. Though I did give my boys each a bite, and they LOVED it. Now I also received the RedHot, and I am sad to say I did not like this one as much as the Peanutter. I liked the whipped cake part, but was not liking the shell, not sure why. I think its because I do not like frosting, and the shell kinda reminds me of it. These would make a great gourmet bar, for gift baskets.

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