Friday, September 9, 2011

Rookie Blue

So last night when I sat down to watch Rookie Blue I noticed that the show was scheduled to record for 2 hours. So I guess that means its a rap for the season. For me this means I really wont have much "NEW" stuff to watch. But I guess that means we are just closer to the Fall Season to start. I am not sure what I will be watching this coming Fall Season. Anyhow back to Rookie Blue. I know that I really do enjoy watching this show, but wish that it was a full season not just 12 weeks of shows. I guess if you really think about it even the Fall Shows are about that long to, since they play 1 show and wait a week or two then play a new one. Look I did it again!!! Ok so I am so glad that Waric and McNallie are finally trying to figure things out and be a couple. I wonder what will happen next season, between Waric and McNallie?? I have a feeling that I mangled the characters names.

So what are yo going to miss watching form this Summer Season? What are you looking Fwd to watching in the Fall Season?

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