Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flip Flop Wines

I received 3 bottles of Flip Flop Wines a little over a week ago. I have already tried one of the wines. The Riesling, which is one of my favorite wines. I really enjoy a dessert wine; Rieslings  Ports, Muscat, and Gewurztraminer. I was supper excited to have been allowed to work with such a great company. I had never heard of them before. But after talking to the rep I was pretty impressed with what they offer and how they give back. Plus wines are reasonably priced. I believe the Riesling is around $7.00 a bottle. That is not a bad prices, for something that is well done. It is not like your typical Riesling were it can be supper sweet. This version of Riesling has a great balance.

Now on for what the company does to give back. They collect shoes, and give them to people in need of them. Something that we don't think about, something that when they look a little worn out we just go buy a new pair. I find that my boys have shoes that look brand new even after all three of my boys using them so I will be donating them to  Soles4Souls. Who will join me in this effort? Stay tuned for an other post all about Soles4Souls.

Thank you Flip Flop Wines for allowing me to work with you. Please feel free to follow them on Facebook

My review is my own opinion.

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