Friday, August 5, 2011

Series To Read

So this week I was going threw updates on Facebook, I found a blog post by Paula with Frosted Fingers . She has a post about what to read next, and telling about the Series she has read in the last year. It was really meant for people to know the kinds of books she likes to read. But as I started thinking, I seem to have the same problem. I LOVE reading series. I have a hard time finding them. Not just that I have a hard time figuring out what to read next. I want to read different authors then I read and different genres but I seem to keep reading the same thing, and books from the same authors. When I started taking on review book I thought this would be a great way to get new authors and genres under my belt. So far I have had a few other genres, but not many. Though I have had quite a few new to me authors that I have found to really love. Melody Carlson and Suzanne Woods Fisher are just 2 to name a few. Anyhow so here is a list of  Series I have read and really enjoyed. They are in no order, just as I thought of them more or less.

Series I Have Read~
Love Comes Softly by Jannete Oke ~ The have also came to DVD I love both the books and the DVD Series.
Kentucky Brothers by Wanda Brunstetter ~ This series is still not done. It is also a play off of an other series that was really good.
Daughters Of Lancaster County By Wanda Brunstetter ~ This is the beginning of the play off books to Kentucky Brothers. This is just a back story.
Brides of Lancaster County By Wanda Brunstetter ~ I have read this series 2x maybe more. This is the first set of books that got me into Wanda Brunstetter's fan Base.
Homes County by Wanda Brunstetter ~ Just an other great series she wrote.
Annie's People by Beverly Lewis ~ I did not read them all I read the last 2 I was walking around Walmart and it called my name so I purchased it and fell in love.
Abram's Daughters by Beverly Lewis ~ I picked this up it looked good, but it took me year or two before I read it. I was at my last go around with is and told my self if I could not get into it I was just getting rid of it. I had been trying to read it but could not get past the first 10 pages. I would re read it every few month. Finally I just fell in love and I ended up having to pre-order the last few.
Detective by Kyra Davis ~ I honestly do not know the name of the series. ooppss! I was walking by the book rack at Costco and found Killer Highlights. Well being a hair dresser I couldn't pass this book up. I held on to it for like a year or so before I read them. What a hoot I was laughing and crying. These books do have a lot of swear words, but still well worth the read.
Westward Hearts by Tracy Bateman ~ I had read a few other books by her so I picked up the first book and pre-ordered the others.
Song of Alaska by Tracy Peterson ~ I like her writing, sometimes I find it hard to read, but most the time pretty enjoyable.
Angels Trilogy ~ Lurlene McDaniel ~ I have read a few of her books she is amazing. She is great for your teenager.
Sommerfeld Trilogy by Kim Vogal Sawyer I couldn't put these down, I really wanted to know what happend next the the characters in her story.
Sisters of the Quilt by Cindy Woodsmall ~ I found this book from walking around Walmart or B & N which I did a lot when I worked. I use to just go on lunch to B & N and just walk threw to see if I saw something I might like. I found Cindy's first book and fell in love with it I wanted to know what was going to happen next. It was hard to put down.

Series I would like to read~
Acts Of Faith by Janette Oke & David Bun ~ I love Janette Oke, so I just see these all over the place and for some reason this series is calling my name.
Game Of Throwns by George R. Martin ~ I think these books would be great since I was addicted to the HBO Series.
Wings Of Glory by Sarah Sundin ~ When BOARDERS was having it's closing sale I purchased book 1, and good thing to since I was asked to review book 2.
The Rose Triligy by Beverly Lewis ~ I have book 1 and love most of her books.
Thirsty by Tracy Bateman ~ I love a lot of her books.

I think that is about all that I can come up with for now. If I think of more things I will create a new post. Please let me know if you end up reading any of these, and what you though.

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