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Songs Of Alaska Series By Tracie Peterson

Songs Of Alaska Series By Tracie Peterson

I have read all three of theses book in the last few weeks. I know I say this all the time, that I need to write my thoughts about each book right after I read them and not wait a few days or a few weeks. I feel that with me doing that is causing me to not give the books justice. Though it has been a busy time, I guess any review an author can get is better then none. I have read a few books by Tracie Peterson, though she is not my go to author when I am looking for something to read, but I know that when I do pick up a book form her that it will more then likely be a great book to read. I believe that most all her books that I have yet to read are on my NookColor wish list.

Book 1 Was a great read, I read it in just a few days once I started reading it. After I put it down I picked up Book 2. Which was yet an other great read. But when I got to Book 3 it seemed to take off great, then it just lagged again until I got to the middle of the book. But then it started to lag again towards the end.

Dawn's Prelude (Song of Alaska Series, Book 1)Dawn's Prelude

I could not put this book down! This book is sad and happy and makes you smile all at once. This book is about Lydia's journey. From being a young women married to a man out of a business deal with her father. Dealing with the death for that man and her father. What will happen to the estate? What will happen to her? As soon as I started reading this book I thought that out come of the will was going to be something totally different. But once she moved to Alaska what an amazing story. How sad it is for her, but yet so happy. Even the things that happen with Evie- Lydia's step daughter. Will she leave her husband? Will she take on a lover? These are all the things that I wondered.
Morning's Refrain (Song of Alaska Series, Book 2)

Morning's Refrain

This book is about the son that Lydia has. It talks about how he has grown from a child into a man. Will Lydia tell him about his past? What of Evie? What has happened to her and to her husband. Though he dies right in the first few pages of the story, I was a little shocked that the author writes of him taking on a male lover, in the late 1890. Though it is only spoken about for maybe 2 pages it was still odd to me. I do wish that Tracie Peterson would have written the letter in her book for us to read. It just talks about how Evie does have a letter from her late husband but it is not in the book. I wish it wold have been. What will happen to Evie now? What is to come from Dalton  Will he marry the girl he longs for? What is to happen with Dalton and Phoebe the girl he saves? What will happen with Yuri?
Twilight's Serenade (Song of Alaska Series, Book 3)

Twilight's Serenade

What a good book of courage, and concord demands. Yuri's demands is the liquire and gambling. This book talks of how ones love does beat all things. Waiting will prevail. This story does have 2 deaths in it. Which is sad. I did think that a few things were going to happen in the story, but they did not. Which I was glad for. I guess if the things I thought would have happened Tracie Peterson would have had to add a book or two to this series.  This book was not as good as the others. I had a hard time getting into this book and could not put it down in the middle, but after that I really didn't care. Its like oh well I already know whats going to happen. Though I did finish the book, and it was still a good read. It was lacking something for me. I wanted more from this book something that I received from the other two books.

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Thank You to Bethany House for sending me this box set to read and review!

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