Thursday, July 21, 2011

Never the Bride by Cheryl Mckay & Rene Gutteridge

Never the Bride: A NovelNever the Bride by Cheryl McKay & Rene Gutteridge

I received this book almost 2 weeks ago. I started it right when I received the book in the mail. I can not seem to get into this book. I might come back to it and read it, but I can't waist an other week until I finally get into it. I do have some books that do take me time to get into. Sometime I start them put them down read a book or two then come back to it starting over, and I just fall in love. But as of right now I am going to put it down and move on. I am a little sad too, since I 100% Loved the Ultimate Gift that they wrote.

Thank you to blogging for books for allowing me to receive this book.

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