Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Journey (Kentucky Brothers)If you haven’t noticed, I love Amish fiction. This book was no exception. Titus moves away from Pennsylvania to mend his broken heart. His ex-girlfriend Phoebe breaks her promise to join the church and moves to California. Strangely, upon his arrival to Kentucky, he runs into a girl named Suzanne who bears a striking resemblance to Phoebe. Suzanne’s best friend Esther takes a liking to him, but they find out that they don’t have much in common.

Through a series of events, Titus and Suzanne are brought together. He then realizes that he no longer harbors any bitterness toward Phoebe and decides to write her a letter of forgiveness and well wishes. Unfortunately, she decides to venture from California to Kentucky to see if she can join the church and pick up where they left off. Will Titus and Suzanne’s relationship survive?

My observations:
-Titus and I have much in common when it comes to cats.
-Suzanne is a woman after my own heart because she’s set out to prove that a woman’s place isn’t always in the kitchen! However, I’m eager to try the recipe for Suzanne’s Lemon Shoo-Fly Pie (found at the end of the book).
-One of the characters in this book experienced child loss, which propelled her into depression. She seemed to magically snap out of it when visited by another person who experienced the same loss. Granted, this book is fiction, but that part was a little far-fetched.

Disclosure: I was provided a free ARC of this book in exchange for my opinion. I was not obligated to provide a favorable review.

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