Friday, July 1, 2011

Cars 2 Anyone?

So this week has been very crazy for us. But in between it all we found the time to go see CARS 2 the movie. So my husband and my boys  minus one got to go with me. I didn't even know what this one would be about, but figured since my kids loved the first one it was worth taking them to see it. Plus this is a treat for my kiddos. So for some reason since I have had my boy I no longer can sit threw a movie in a theater I have to use the restroom like 2 or 3 times. The last movie I saw I think I had to go 3 times and this time it was at least 1 but then my 3 year old had to go which makes it 2 times. I guess I'm not use to drinking all that soda, which we do not buy for our house nor do I drink it often when we are out.

Ok back to the movie. Right off the bat, one of the story lines is to save the earth from bad fuel. I thought of WALL-E-- an other great movie. But then they talked about hippies, tree huger-es, and about friendship. I know I sure enjoyed this kids movie. Know my kids ones the other had I am not sure. We saw the movie on Tues, and the are no longer talking about it. Unlike with Toy Story 3 they still are talking about it. Go Figure!!! 

Have you seen the movie? If so tell us about it, or link us to your blog post about it.

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