Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amish Wisdom Internet Radio Show

Amish Wisdom
Longing for simplicity? Overwhelmed by demands? Tune in to “Amish Wisdom” to explore ways to slow down, de-clutter, find peace, and live a simpler life. You don’t have to “go Amish” to incorporate principles of the Plain People into your life. There's much to learn from them: simple living, everyday.

So a while back I read a few books by Suzanne Woods Fisher, and found her wonderful Radio Show. I got to listen to her talk to a few of my favorite authors and was so AMAZED.  She interviews all kind of AMAZING authors that she talks to. Most are with Christian Fiction, but who cares they have a lot of great things to say.

Today her guest on the show is going too be Ira Wagler they will be discussing his memoir Growing Up Amish. (Check out Roxy's review of his book here.) If you have any questions for Suzanne to ask Ira or just want to leave a note for them go to the toginet page leave the message. Plus you could earn a chance to win a copy of his book. 5pm EST on

You can also find Suzanne Woods Fisher on Facebook, Twitter, Blog and of cours on Amish Wisdom every Thursday.


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